• Deep production experience and professionalism: With two generations of zipper production experience, reflects deep industry knowledge and technology accumulation.

  • Strict quality control and customized service: The operating model of small factories allows for more stringent quality control, with increased testing to stabilize product quality.

  • customized service:Provide customized services, including non-standard styles of zippers (such as fabric with different colors on both sides, double tail system, etc.) to meet special needs.

  • Wide scope of application and target customer base: Suitable for a variety of high-grade clothing and accessories, such as jackets, leather coats, handbags, etc., target customers include garment factories, luggage factories, designers, etc.

  • Service experience in international market: Serving well-known zipper factories in Europe and the United States and Australian trading companies for more than 15 years, is the designated metal zipper supplier of Shanghai Huachang Company, China, showing the wide recognition and trust of the international market.

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  • Innovative product design and material use:Four different types of metal zippers (CT, YT, DT, ST) to meet different market needs and application scenarios

  • Flexible minimum order size: Provide a minimum order size of 50 or 20 yards to help customers reduce inventory pressure, ideal for small to medium-sized enterprises.

  • Strict quality testing: Implement a comprehensive quality inspection process, from raw material inspection to finished product testing, to ensure high quality standards for each zipper.

  • Flexibility in packaging selection: A variety of packaging options are available, including freight saving code provision and easy to use paper tray head coding, as well as strip zipper packaging to meet the needs of different customers.

Classic Teeth- CT

Double Point Teeth- DT

Accessories- Sliders

Accessories-Top/ Bottom


Plating color



Anti- Brass

Rose Gold

Gun metal

Matte Black


Gun Metal

Gun Metal

Light Gold


M51FL-Red Copper

M51FL-Anti Nickel






M56-R Gold




  • H65

  • M3-Copper Thickness 0.8mm

  • M4-Copper Thickness 0.9mm

  • M5-Copper Thickness 0.9mm

  • M8-Copper Thickness

  • M10-Copper Thickness

  • H65/ H63

  • M3-Copper Thickness 0.8mm

  • M5-Copper Thickness 0.9mm

  • M8-Copper Thickness

  • M10-Copper Thickness

Y Teeth- YT

  • H65

  • M3-Copper Thickness

  • M5-Copper Thickness

  • M8-Copper Thickness

Swiss Teeth- ST

  • H65

  • M3-Copper Thickness 0.8mm

  • M5-Copper Thickness 0.9mm

  • M8-Copper Thickness